…kinda screwed up. You know those two posts last week? They were supposed to autopost THIS week, not last week.

I suppose I could try to put the blame on my blog software, but the truth is that it was indeed me who set them for last Monday and Wednesday. You see, I thought I was going to be back in town sooner, in which case that would have been perfect. I’d have two posts already written and ready to post last week, as I write new stuff for this week.

But one thing happened, and then another thing happened, and before I knew it, my “trip” was a week longer than expected. I actually knew this a couple weeks ago, so I really should have logged onto my blog and changed the autopost dates to be a week or two later. But I kinda never got around to it.


So not only was I unable to respond to the people who left comments last week (sorry for the rudeness,) but now that I’m (almost) back, I don’t have any posts ready. Today you should have been reading the “Meet Your New Personal Trainer” filler post as I leisurely put together new Hannah posts for next week.

Instead, you get *this* post. As I leisurely put together new Hannah posts for next week. Assuming I can think of how to even tell the Hannah story.

Oh, who am I kidding. I know *exactly* how I’m going to tell the Hannah story.

But because this is “AM all Night” and I have my own way of doing things, I do have one more little diversion before we get to Hannah. No, it’s not another workout post. It’s not another theme song.

I have one word for you.